About Us

There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. While we can’t assist you with the inevitability of death, we can assure you that Plan B Tax Relief will make your tax

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experience tolerable. For more than 15 years, founder Janet Coventry has assisted over 3,600 people with their taxes. It is from her personal experience with these customers that prompted the creation of Plan B Tax Relief.

The majority of our clients fall into a few broad categories. They may be delinquent in filing their tax returns, they may be delinquent in their payment of taxes, or they may be both.


The first place our professional team will show their worth is in having the tenacity to stick with resolution efforts in spite of often having to deal with an unresponsive, maddeningly slow,

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inflexible, and wait-forever- on hold IRS system.

The second area our professional team will show their worth is in the planning employed to achieve the best results for each taxpayer’s unique situation.

Current Environment

Although the 1998 Act added limitations to what the Internal Revenue Service can do while attempting to collect from a taxpayer they still possess formidable power. For a few years after the passage of that legislation many taxpayers became complacent believing that the IRS was emasculated. In fact, they were just reorganizing, being trained in the new rules and getting a tough new Commissioner. They have now

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returned with a vengeance. Commissioner Schulman was issued a congressional mandate to collect the government’s money. In the past a taxpayer could get the IRS to withhold filing of liens and levies: no more, the mantra is now to protect the government’s interests, period.



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